The Journey Thunderhawk Alements

Jonathan thanked a few individuals like Tom Nickel for being the first brewpub to offer them a shot. Scott Blair for giving them a chance to be in Hamilton’s Arena. Bill Batten for showing them how to make beer in a short period of time when they best needed it. Rick Moreno for his amazing cider brew lessons and personality which helped propel their motivation forward. Solo Salsaido and Micah Coy helped in growing great hops for them. Thunderhawk Wet hop beer was magnificent because of them. He thanked the Amplified Ale works, Urban South, Resident Brewing Black Hops, Moto Sonora, Protector Brewery, Nickel Beer, Pure Project, and the Whole Miralani Makers District for being good partners and reliable friends.

Jonathan also mentioned in the Facebook post, that they would be updating their online store with beer, merchandise, new partnerships, furniture and fixtures for sale from their tasting rooms, and any other upcoming good news. ” No good thing that lasts forever, but the beautiful memories we had will always be Unforgettable to me”. Jonathan said. All hail mighty Thunderhawk Alements.

Their journey of craft beer was incredible. Barbarin expressed that most of his beautiful memories were made in the brewhouse, tasting rooms, pubs, and bars around the world where he had the opportunity to meet new brewers and friendships that led to brewing amazing beers.

Since its launch, Thunderhawk Alements has gone on to achieve great heights including being featured in New York Times and winning a silver medal in October at the annual American Beer competition for the (Bowie Knife) also known as American Black Ale. Thunderhawk also won People’s Choice Hazy at Hamilton. The awards were the start of a good experience to create an unforgettable endeavor. Over the years, Thunderhawk managed to support different organizations such as The Alzheimer’s Association, Credit Management LP, Veterans Village of San Diego, Emilio Nare’s Foundation, The American Lung Association, California Innocence Project, Cathedra Catholic High School, and many more.